Stephan J. Hahn

Father by Day. Author by Night.

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Stephan J. Hahn is an aspiring author and accomplished father. A wine enthusiast and Halo aficionado, he works in an accounting firm as well as the intelligence branch of United States Army.


When he is not writing or wrestling with his wild children, he enjoys coffee, playing video games, and learning French with his lovely wife (who didn't make him say that). He is currently pursuing a business degree from Missouri State University.


Inspired by his children and an irrational amount of optimism, he began writing again. This also inadvertently led to the idea and co-founding of a nonprofit organization. Children Amongst Us was created to identify and address the smaller needs of children and teens, which may have fallen through the cracks.





He lives in the Ozarks with his wife, Kendra, and three children: Samuel, Brooklyn & She/He Who Has Not Been Named Yet.

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Feel free to get a hold of me. You can visit the contact page or email me at: