Stephan J. Hahn

Father by Day. Author by Night.

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Super Dad Man

For every child who can't, there is a Super Dad Man who can.

December 1, 2017

Inspired by true events, this children's book follows the many adventures of Super Dad Man.

Your kids will be able to read along in this simple adaptation of the life of a Dad, and what it takes for him to be a hero to them when they need it the most.

A child's problems are not very big, but Super Dad Man will save the day like only a Dad can.


Cover Art & release date TBA


Book One

Spring 2018

Coping with the loss of his father and consumed with revenge for the one who betrayed his family, a boy begins a journey to understand what happened the night his father disappeared at the hands of a dark wizard.

Accompanied by some unlikely friends, they begin their quest for the fabled and all powerful Pearls of Solus. The Pearls are believed to be the only way of defeating the dark wizard and bring peace to Runa.