Musings with Serah Johnson

“I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

~ J. R. R. Tolkien

The great thing about Tolkien is that he was on to something here. Especially in the social media world today. Do you know everyone you are following? What about the ones following you? The chances that you know absolutely everyone is small.


You don’t need to be best friends with absolutely everyone. That is the amazing thing about groups such as the #writingcommunity. We all work together for the common goal of advice and support for our writing careers. I know for me, I would like to know a little more, and interact with some people who really capture the essence of what the writing community on Twitter is all about.

One such author is Serah Johnson (soon to be Brightside). Usually there is not a day that goes by where I don’t see that eye show up on my feed. There seems to always be someone commenting or sharing information from Serah. I think that is awesome, and it really shows what we can accomplish when we work together.


Serah Johnson


What genre(s) do you write in?

“YA, romance, and adventure.”


What books have you published? 

“I haven't published any books yet. I hope to start querying this summer.”


What books are you currently writing? 

“I am currently collaborating with Michael Brightside (@mibrightside on Twitter).”


What is your current writing status – Querying, indie publishing?

“I would have to say querying at the moment.”


How did you get into writing?

“My sixth-grade language arts teacher was the first person to take an interest in my writing. She told my parents I was destined to be an author. Several years later, I finally took her advice.”


What is your motivation to write? 

“My motivation to write is to help others. I hope each person that reads my books can take something special away from them.”


What do you want to accomplish in your writing career? 

“Being a “famous author” would be amazing. However, changing someone's life with my writing would have to be my biggest goal.”


Where do you currently write?

“When I am alone, I write in my bed. If my partner is with me, we write in our office.”


Who is your favorite author? 

“Nicholas Sparks”


What is your favorite food?



What is your favorite band?

“Angels & Airwaves”


If you could go anywhere, real or imagined, where would you go? Why? 

“ I would love to visit Paris. I believe Paris would be a great inspiration for my romance novels.”


What is something that we don’t already know about you? 

“Along with being an author, mother, and girlfriend, I also work two jobs.”


How can we get in touch with you?

Twitter: @SerahJAuthor


Also, make sure and head on over and congratulate Serah on her engagement!