Musings with Katherine Coleman

The largest impact on my life as a writer has been the #writingcommunity. The biggest reason for this has nothing to do with the existence of a hashtag and everything to do with the people that breathe life into that hashtag. The people who make the community special, informative, and just fun to be a part of.

As I am constantly searching for new writers to interview, I am looking for those who make an impact in the writing community. Sure, you can have a million followers. You can even be a bestselling author, but do you give back? I recently put out a request for some feedback on the first chapter of my new WIP. I was blown away with the people who messaged me offering to give it a look.

That is what community is all about. Everyone helping each other to accomplish a overall goal shared individually by each of us. Katie is one of those people who bring inspiration to Twitter. Where coffee and Peaky Blinders are perfectly good reasons to follow someone, don’t forget about the big picture.

I can usually count on seeing her in my feed, which means that she is here to interact. She is so supportive of other writers, and contributes greatly to our #writingcommunity. There is way more to our lives that writing. We can all agree on that. Whether it is family or children. Work or school. We are all navigating our way through life the best we can.

In fact, not to long ago, she made a post about college advisement. Not writing. Not promotion of her own material. COLLEGE ADVISEMENT. I find it really amazing that she would offer advice when it comes to bettering yourself and your career.

Without further ado, Katie Coleman everyone.

Katherine (Katie) Coleman



What genre(s) do you write in?

“Mostly horror or thriller but I like to go wherever the wind blows me. ”


What books have you published? 

“Nothing published yet but look out for me in the future! ;) ”


What books are you currently writing? 

“Currently working on my first novel and a couple short stories. I can never work on only one project at a time. ”


What is your current writing status – Querying, indie publishing?

“First draft of novel, first draft of short story, and editing another short story. ”


How did you get into writing?

“I've enjoyed writing since I was a child (I was even weird enough to love doing school essays). My middle school teacher, Mr.Davis, helped turn my enjoyment into passion and that passion has been growing ever since. ”


What is your motivation to write? 

“I've always been a pessimist submitting to a fear of failure. When I realized how unhappy I was and how much I was holding myself back, I knew I had to change. My motivation is proving my old self wrong and making my future self proud. I might still be a bit pessimistic but I refuse to submit to my fear any longer. ”


What do you want to accomplish in your writing career? 

“I have many future business goals but my "I've made it" moment will be when someone tells me my writing has helped them. Books have been one of my saviors, my relief in times where life was kicking my butt. I want to give that to someone else. ”


Who is your favorite author? 

“Dean Koontz ”


What is your favorite food?

“Either steak, sushi, or pot roast. Plus gelato for dessert. Please don't make me choose just one.”


What is your favorite band?

“Twenty One Pilots and Pierce The Veil. ”


What is your second favorite color?


If you could go anywhere, real or imagined, where would you go? Why? 

“I had a very difficult time deciding on this one but may have to go with the Netherlands. I am currently learning Dutch and have a friend who lives over there.  Not to mention the incredible museums, festivals, architecture, and tulip fields. I intend to go sometime in the next few years and I may never want to leave. ”


If you had to choose a fictional world to live in forever, where would it be? 

“The wizarding world in the Harry Potter Series.”

What is something that we don’t already know about you? 

“My biggest bucket list goal is to swim with sharks (freely swim, no cage), I have a shrunken head hanging in my room, and I own a swimmable mermaid tail. ”


How can we get in touch with you?

Twitter: heytherekatie

Instagram: hey_there_katie


If you aren’t following Katie, then you are missing out!