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A Father's Guide

When Children Fall Uncomfortably Close To The Tree

Published June 28th 2017

Ever wondered why children act the way they do?

From the heart and mind of a father comes a truthful and candid story about raising children, and the pitfalls and glories that accompany that journey. There are many twists and turns along the way, but this dad (and editing mother keeping him in check) have your back.

Children definitely fall uncomfortably close to the tree, but you are not alone. Learn what it takes to survive being an adult amongst children.


Super Dad Man

For every child who can't, there is a Dad who can.

Published December 18th 2017

In a world without order.

A world where children are in trouble, comes the story of hero. A vigilante of justice. A noble warrior with the strength of many. A story of a Dad taking care of his children, even when they cause utter chaos.

Super Dad Man will always be able to save the day!