The Pun Enthusiast

I think it is only fair to take a step back and learn a little about who I am, and how I came to write books. My first blog was kind of an overview, a history if you must. I told you about my writing beginnings in junior high, and I also told you about the authors and genres which have influenced me thus far in my career. 
First and foremost, I am a father. My family and I live in the Ozarks (which is in the southwest part of Missouri). We moved from Ohio way back in 1999. Remember 1999? It was the year that my Titans lost the Super Bowl by one yard, and have seemingly spent the last eighteen seasons in a rebuilding phase. I wish I could tell you how many early draft picks you need to make a team good, but I don’t know. I digress. 
Before that my family lived in Virginia. Finally, the epicenter of my birth, North Carolina. My parents were both in the Marines, in case you were unaware that Cherry Point, NC was a naval base. 
I have a wife, named Kendra. I also have two naughty children, Sam and Brooklyn. I say naughty, but my children are simply acting their age. They are what keeps me going. My wife tells me also that there is one on the way. If you think two children is fun, I suppose it can only get better with three. By doing this, however, I will regain my place atop the "favorite child mountain." I am currently the only child to give my mom three grandbabies, and I will hold this title dear to my heart as long as I possibly can. 
I love being a father more than anything. 
I am the second oldest of six. Yes, six. That is a lot of children to be running around a house. We are all two years apart, and all of us are adults now, so I suppose we are not still running around the house. I currently attend Missouri State University pursuing a Business degree, and I work in an accounting office. 
You may notice that I wrote a parenting book. You also may have noticed that I have other books in the works that are not along the same lines. I know you did because you took the time to visit my website and selflessly spread the word about your new favorite author. 
I am hoping anyways. 
Super Dad Man is inspired by my book A Father's Guide, and the name comes from one of the chapters of that book. The Pearls of Solus series, on the other hand, is a fantasy adventure series. I chose not to be defined by a genre, because my interests are so wide I cannot possibly express them all within the confines of a single genre. I also have many ideas for other works including horror and post-apocalypse. It is safe to say you can expect a variety of books from me in the future. 
I am so excited to be writing again, and so excited for what the future holds. 
So, how did you come across my work? What interested you about my books? 
If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask. I am an open book (no pun intended). For more information, you can visit my website at for my monthly author newsletter or follow me on Goodreads.