Fourth Times the Charm

I realized something, just the other day. If you have a blog, you must really enjoy writing. Think about it. You write on social media. You write your books. You pour yourself out into a novel. And then, you dig down deep inside and are able to pull out a blog. It is almost irrational to think about. I know I enjoy writing. Well, I enjoy talking. Possibly babbling (as my wife would say). Even if you are the only one talking, as long as you have one person listening, you are doing something right.

As many of you know, I have a book out entitled: A Father’s Guide: When Children Fall Uncomfortably Close to the Tree. I love my children. But I am always astounded at the fact of how much they love me. They need us as parents to be the constant in their lives. Writing about my children was exhilarating because I got a chance to relive many experiences that made me a father, but also experiences that made my children who they are today.

I also have a few other books in the works, and these are not long or judgmental. They are not odious novels, they are children’s books. Something your children (assuming they are at a point where they read) should be able to ready by themselves, and hopefully enjoy.

Super Dad Man

This book comes from a chapter in my book: A Father’s Guide with the same name. It explores this idea that parents are super heroes whether we want to admit it or not. We will do small things for our children, such as making dinner or tying shoes and our children think we are the most amazing thing ever. And let’s face it. You are. You have to be. So, you may just as well embrace it. And don’t worry moms. This is simply a title I chose because I am a dad. There is always room for a super mom, as you will undoubtedly see in my book. I plan on having this one out before the end of the year.

The Very Unscary Monster

This book was inspired by my son, who recently discovered that too many scary stories or movies will have an effect on you when it is time to go to bed. For so long he was afraid to sleep in the dark, or go upstairs by himself. This is understandable, but as adults we know this is not true. Monsters don’t exist. But fear of the unknown does. When I wrote this book my goal was to take the fear away by making monsters seem less scary, or perhaps unscary if you will. I am hoping to have it out by the spring of next year.

In case you are wondering, my sister, Susannah has been doing illustrations for my books. If you enjoy them, make sure to thank her.

I am excited at what the future holds for my children, and am so glad I get to write about it. It makes it mean so much more. It keeps it archived. Something easily remembered. I enjoy the idea that I am able to hold on to these stories. And come to think about it, they will make for good embarrassing stories when they get older. What are we as parents if we can’t embarrass our children on a whim?

Are there any kinds of children’s books you would like to see written? Is there a topic that is rarely touched that should be explored?