The Four Elven Factions

For hundreds of years Elthiol and Aerian ruled the elves from their palace in Dendrelfin. There came a time where the ways and means of the elves began to differ. Before long the city was slowly split into several different factions who began to grow tired of the forest life, and longed to be closer to the callings of their hearts. The elves that remained in the forest were known ever after as the green elves. They loved the woodlands and the trees, and they were the largest and strongest of all the elven clans. They could be identified by their forest green clothing, and were impossible to be taken at unawares. They were well versed in the lore of the woodlands and were friends to all birds and animals of the forest. 

The blue elves or the elves of the sea were masters of the waters. Upon leaving Dendrelfin, they soon became friends with the nymphs of Niadia in the south, for they shared the same love of water. Their raiment was light blue, and they took their people and withdrew from Dendrel Forest, and settled far in the east by the firth of the River Ost. Along the eastern coast, they sailed up and down, looking for new lands and wider seas. Many times, they would venture further to the east into the vast unknown sea, seeking for legends of other countries and peoples. They were great voyagers and new every inch of the coast and could sail the waters better than any other race. 

The grey elves or the dark elves were great friends of the dwarves before their extinction. They wore dark grey cloaks and were well versed in stonework and masonry, which they learned deep in the mountains by the teachings of the dwarves. When the dwarf kingdoms fell they were consumed with sadness and they left Dendrel. Because their calling was the mountains, yet their hearts mourned, they settled in The Harrows, which lie at the foot of the oldest mountains in Runa. In this dark forest, they continued their work, and shut out everything from their life before. They shunned the light, and only trusted themselves. Working in the shadow of the mountains, they brooded in the dark and to this day, there is a dark evil in that forest, and few go there save in great need. 

Lastly, there are the red elves, or mercenary elves. These were the outcasts, and accursed. They clothed themselves in dark maroon, and they trusted no other faction or race. Many prisoners and criminals were not kept behind wall of stone for fear of disrupting the forest but were banished from Dendrel. As time moved on, they began to gather together. They moved throughout Runa doing work for those who would pay the highest price. They loathed the forest, and Dendrelfin, but called it home due to its central location to Runa.