Musings with Sarah Sutton

I love writing, and I love being able to follow other writers on their journey. This is one of the reasons that I chose to integrate author interviews into my blog. I mean at some point you may get tired of my ramblings, or maybe not (hopefully not). I think this is a good way to support other authors as well as give our community a small insight into their minds. 

If you have been to my website, you have seen that I am working on starting a podcast. This is something that I am very excited about. I would love to move these interviews there, as part of each segment will focus on an author. 

As I began thinking on this, I knew that the first thing I had to do was come up with a list of authors to include. Well, I suppose I should say start with, since I’m going to get you all at some point. Sarah was one of the first few that came to mind. 

I enjoy Sarah’s posts and her enthusiasm for writing. She is part of the old guard (for me anyways) of the #writingcommunity and I added her to my super-secret writer’s list a long time ago. One of the things that I appreciate the most about Sarah is that I can always count on seeing original content from her. From the samples I have read, I can tell that she is not only passionate about her writing, but about sharing it with the world. 


Sarah Sutton 

What genre(s) do you write?  

“I write YA Contemporary Romance or YA Contemporary Fantasy.” 

Have you published any books?  

“No published books yet, but I’m working on it!” 

What books are you currently writing?  

“I’m writing a YA Contemporary romance book titles Hitting a Home Run. I’ve been working on it for almost two years, hopefully on the last legs of editing.” 

What is your current writing status – Querying, indie publishing?  

“Right now, I’m querying, and having a conversation with an editor. Fingers crossed!” 

How did you get into writing?  

“Oh, that’s a fun story. When I was six years old, I absolutely devoured any book that I could read. I was so inspired, I wrote my own chapter book—completely plagiarized from whatever I was reading, of course. I’d go to the store and buy folders to put my papers in and pass them around to my fifth-grade classmates to read. They all loved it, claiming that I’d be a famous author one day. I’ve been writing ever since!” 

What is your motivation to write?  

“I’ve recently taken a hiatus from writing while waiting on responses from my beta readers and was submerged in terrible anxiety. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Until, one day, I wrote a little snippet from a random idea in my head. The anxiety vanished as each word flowed, as if writing itself was a sword against the beast. I write because it makes my insides feel quiet, as if I’m alone in the world I’m creating. And I love it.” 

What do you want to accomplish in your writing career?  

“At this point, I just want to be able to hold my published book in my ten fingertips, to feel my hard work and see it finally come together. Perhaps one day my goals will change, but this is one that I’m excited about.” 

Where do you currently write?  

“Recently, I’ve splurged and—this is going to sound so obnoxious, and I’ll accept it—purchased one of those pre-built sheds for out in the yard and have converted it into my very own she-shed. There isn’t enough room in my house for an office, and in my big family, this gives me a little slice of heaven. This is where I spend my time writing, and I’m so grateful!” 

Who is your favorite author?  

“Taherah Mafi—she’s so down to earth and cares about her readers. She’s absolutely my favorite!” 

What is your favorite band? 

“Oh, man...I’m not much of a person to pick a favorite band—a handful of songs by the same band is more my speed. I really like AJR and Lauv.” 

What is your favorite food? 

“Chocolate chip cookies. Do you even have to ask why?” 

If you could go anywhere, real or imagined, where would you go? Why?  

“I’d go to the beach, definitely. Michigan doesn’t offer much in the relaxing water department—and with my love of the ocean, this is definitely where I’d go.” 

What is something that we don’t already know about you?  

“I could say the alphabet backwards before I could say it forwards. I’m addicted to Coke—the drink, of course. And sometimes I contemplate quitting my job to become a professional napper.” 

How can we get in touch with you? 

Twitter: @sarahmaesutton 

Instagram: @sarahmaesutton 


If you aren’t following Sarah, then you are missing out!