The Kingdom of Delborish

Established by Toros the Bear in the year 1526 of the Third Age, the Kingdom of Delborish has long stood as a symbol of strength to all of Runa. It is said that Toros the Bear was the first of the race of men to come into the northwest of Runa. There he was espied by Arktouros, the creator of men, who had long waited for them to come into being. When Arktouros came upon him, he was found to be wrestling an enormous bear in a small dell full of Delborish Oaks. As Arktouros watched Toros fighting, he was enamored by his strength and resilience.  

Toros, after many hours in battle, slayed the beast with a limb torn from the largest of the Delborish Oak trees. He then picked up and carried the massive beast to the very center of the dell, and it was there that the stones were first set for the foundations of his castle. From that point on, a bear became the symbol and surname of all the lords of Delborish. He was named Toros the Bear, but later his house became known as the House of the Bear. In the ensuing years, the surname of Beran was adopted, and used. It is said however that they would always be the House of the Bear, and there would always be a Beran on the thrown in Delborish. 

Toros was tall and strong, and his features rough and menacing. He wore the symbol of the bear claw on his right breast and he was known throughout the land as mighty. He set about to gather to him all the other families who were also wandering in the wild. Once he had found all he could, and gathered them together, they began to build a castle and in turn a small village which surrounded it. After the castle was built, Toros also sailed to Kingsdell, an island just off the western coast of his kingdom. There they set up a small store of food and arms, as a safe haven in case trouble were to arise. It became more of a second home to the royal family, a quiet and wild island reminding them of the years before.  

The castle itself was not far from the sea, on the western coast of Runa. It was said you could hear it clearly from the tower of the keep. Toros ruled as king, and many other houses fell in under his command. Some of those would come to include the House of the Falcon, whom are mighty scouts and woodsmen. Also, the House of the Stallion, who are master trainers and very learned in animal husbandry. They heads of these houses were wise and strong, and they served Delborish no matter the cost. 

Even though the Elves and Iads had been in Runa for many thousands of years before men, they did not reveal themselves. For a very long time men kept to themselves, and their Kingdom began to grow rapidly. The Dwarves were the first to notice the might of men, and quickly offered their masonry and stonework talents. It was the Dwarves who brought mighty stones down from the Tungol Mountains and help build the great castle. In turn, the men of Delborish fought beside them and helped to protect them during their travels in the north. After seeing the strength of men and their ability to work with those different than them, interest moved quickly throughout Runa, and the Elves and Iads soon after offered themselves as allies and trade partners. 

The Kingdom of Delborish is located in the very northwest corner of Runa. It runs from the sea east to the Ebony Woods and south along the Toros River until it meets Dendrel Forest. It has mild seasons, and the majority of the year is spent in spring. There can be harsh winters depending on the winds that come out of the mountains from the east. There are rolling hills and streams, and many trees cover the landscape. Its mild climate allows for dense forests and lush vegetation. Much of the northern part of the kingdom is open fields with rich soil, allowing for farming.