The City of Niadia

It is told in the histories of Runa, how Ilistri washed up on the shores of Niadia in the aftermath of the Great Iad War. Cut off from the rest of her people by a company of the Dryad horsemen she found herself and a few of her party at the edge of the sea. They were far outnumbered and were able to find a boat and row away before they were assailed. There was a storm brewing out in the sea, but they had no other choice besides facing the longswords of the horsemen. Nymphs were masters of the waters and the sea, but the small boat they rowed was no match for the bitter waves which tossed the boat around effortlessly. 

Before long the boat was smashed to pieces and all of her company lost. After a few days Ilistri alone found herself waking on the southern shores of Runa. Ilistri was in awe of the mighty cove she found herself in. The sheer walls of the cliffs dropped hundreds of feet into the bay. She climbed to the very top and surveyed the land around her, which stretch as far as she could see. It was green and lush, with many rivers and animals. It was far from the Dryad stronghold of Hylos on the western shores and had a certain magical feeling to it. It was there upon the cliff edge that Ilistri had a vision. She saw a mighty palace upon the highest of the cliffs, and a city, built into the cliffs all the way to the water's edge, where there was a busy harbor. Many people moved about the palace and the city, and this gave her comfort and much hope for her people. Motivated by her vision, she then moved north and gathered to her all the remnants of her people that she could find. They returned and began to carry out the plans for the city. 

Within a few years the city was full wrought and many who have been now say it glitters in the sun as though it were a diamond. It became a stronghold for any who sought asylum in all of Runa. It was the most diverse city and accepted all who came in need. Because of this, Niadia became one of the heaviest fortified cities in Runa. Elves came to live there and take up the guard of the queen. In the ancient days, dwarves from the Lon Dalei helped to teach stonework to the people before their extinction. Even men came to teach warfighting and farming. It was a beacon of hope to the wandering and homeless people of Runa and so were erected two glorious lighthouses on the edges of the cliffs closest to the sea. Their light is said to shine ever outwards to light the way to their city. 

Niadia is located on the southern shores of Runa, on the eastern most side of Willowood. It was built into the cliff above a cove, which provided for natural defenses and concealment. The sheer cliff walls fall hundreds of feet into the bay below. Niadia experiences mild seasons, but the extremes are kept to spring and fall. Summer is most common as the climate is dry and arid. They never see winter along the warm southern coasts. Three rivers flow from the foundations of Niadia through the dense Willowood forest and pour into the mighty Ahura River. Ahura is the largest of the rivers in Runa, and after collecting all of the waters from the Toros and Iron Rivers it courses out of Dendrel Forest and through the Plains of Denobai, finally emptying into the western sea.