The elves were the first of the races in Runa. In the year 2121 of the First Age it is said that Vega himself, lord and creator of the elven race, found him wandering in the wild. Vega led him deep into Dendrel Forest, and they spoke for a long time. He gave him the name Elthiol, and told him he would one day be the father of all the elves of Runa. Vega instructed him in all the ways of Runa, but especially in all the ways of the forest. He spoke of the rivers and the trees, and of the power and comfort he could find in them. He spent many years at his side, ensuring to impart as much knowledge on Elthiol as he could. As soon as he had told all he would, Vega departed, and was last seen striding into the western sunset. 

After his going, the elven king long wandered in the forest alone. He embraced nature and learned much from the birds and the animals. It was even said that he spoke with them on occasion. When Elthiol had learned for himself all he could from the forest, he went in search of others who he could lead with his wisdom. Coming to the banks of the Iron River, which flowed from the north and into the center of Dendrel Forest, he knelt to drink. As he lowered his eyes, they met those of another on the opposite bank. Long, they gazed into each other’s eyes, both enamored by the other. At long last Elthiol rose and began to wade towards her through the stream. He was not yet halfway across before she rose and began to run. Long he chased her ere he caught her in the deep north of Dendrel. At last, seeing that he meant her no harm she came to him and for the first time spoke. She told him she was Aerian, and she was named and led into the forest by a great lord of the trees. This filled Elthiol with much wonder, and he realized that she could only be speaking of Vega. Elthiol sat with her and they spoke for many hours of the forest and the trees. 

Before long they were joined together as husband and wife, and to this day are still known as the father and mother of all of the elves in Runa. They set forth, scouring every last edge of the forest, until they had gathered all of the elven folk to them in the north. Together, they built the mighty city of Dendrelfin, which was built upon the very tops of the highest trees. It was raised in the north of the forest, in the exact place where Elthiol and Aerian had first met. Their city grew and became rich in trade and grew fairer as the long years progressed. The elves of Dendrelfin were most renowned for their knowledge, and they were great teachers and counselors in times of need. They seldom left the woods, unless in great need or duress. 

Dendrelfin is located in the northwest of Dendrel Forest with the Iron River to the east, and the Northern Pass to the west. Green and full of life, it never saw winter, and remained in an everlasting spring. The rushing rivers broke off into quieter streams that coursed throughout the forest as veins, bringing life to every corner. Animals were free to roam, and it remained feared to most that were not of elven race. This fear came not from the elves actions, but in the form of awe and amazement. Although the elves of Dendrelfin were not aggressive, they were found to be more mysterious than all other elves. The forest was thick and borderless. There were some small worn paths where many elves had tread over the years, but the quickest way was through the trees.